3 Procedures For Whitening Your Teeth

Whitening your teeth can do a lot more than just improve your appearance, it can also make you feel great about flashing that smile and change the way people react to you. While many people think that the only reason to whiten their teeth is vanity, research has proven that it has far broader reaching implications. If life has left you with teeth that are dull and yellowed, don’t despair. There are ways to restore a beautiful pearlescence to almost any teeth. This article covers information on some of the most popular teeth whitening options.

How Can I Whiten My Teeth And Why Won’t Brushing Work?

Brushing is a great way to prevent your teeth from becoming discolored, to begin with, but once yellowing has set in it often isn’t enough to eliminate it completely. Thankfully there are a number of available methods for whitening your teeth, including over-the-counter methods and those only available under the direction of your dentist.

What Are My Options For Teeth Whitening?

There are two types of teeth whitening available, speaking in the broadest possible sense. Those that you can pick up at your local pharmacy, and those only available under the direction of your dentist. Those options available over-the-counter are primarily for maintenance and elimination of minor discoloration, while those your dentist offers are a more intensive approach for serious yellowing.

  • Whitening Toothpaste – This is a common sight at the dental section of your pharmacy, and you’ll find numerous varieties available from different producers. At their core they all use the same general formula to whiten your teeth, but flavor and concentration may vary.
  • Whitening Strips – These strips are coated in a gel that is effective at whitening your teeth, and are placed on your teeth for 30 minutes to an hour to allow them time to work. They are then removed and discarded.
  • Chewing Gum – This variety comes as a surprise to many of our patients, but is known to be one of the more effective methods for long term preventive treatment. The gum not only serves to whiten your teeth but also places a coating over your teeth to protect them from discoloration.
  • Whitening Trays and Gels – This method is essentially a more intensive version of whitening strips, with solution filled forms that you place in your mouth on your teeth. It’s important to use them as directed, as the substance can cause damage to your teeth if left on longer than directed.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening – Your dentist has a few varieties of cleaning they can offer based on the state of your dental health. Some are more intense versions of those mentioned above, while others can only be done as part of a root canal. Speak to your physician to learn more.

When you know its time to tackle the issue of discolored teeth, pick up the phone and call the Alameda Dental Group in Walnut Park, CA. Dr. Alireza Movassaghi will provide you with a consultation where your options for dental care and teeth whitening can be discussed and a path forward chosen. Don’t let yellowed teeth make you embarrassed of your smile, call today!

Alireza Movassaghi, D.D.S and Dr. Movassaghi 30 years of experience to the team at Alameda Dental Group. A USC School of Dentistry graduate, he is dedicated to providing an uplifting patient experience while crafting beautiful new smiles. His passion for expanding dental access for the Los Angeles community is matched only by his passion for soccer and fine cars.
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