Teeth with stains and cavities

Is Your Dental Discoloration A Stain Or Cavity?

When you notice discoloration on your teeth, you may immediately be concerned that it indicates the presence of a cavity. However, not every case of dental discoloration means you are developing a cavity. There are numerous reasons why discoloration may appear on the teeth. Knowing how to tell them apart can spell the difference between […]

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Signs of Diastemas in Teeth Vector Image

Diastemas And How Treatment Can Close The Gap

One common feature of imperfect smiles is a gap between the front teeth. While gapping can occur anywhere in the mouth, these specific gaps are called diastema. They aren’t exceptionally uncommon, and some people are pretty proud of their gaps, such as celebrity Michael Strahan. However, most of those with diastema are self-conscious of these […]

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Woman with Radiating Tooth Pain

Is It A Tooth Ache Or Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition that impacts numerous people every year. It often feels like pain that appears in the face that feels like an electrical shock. TN is a chronic condition rooted in the trigeminal nerve that delivers sensations from the face to the brain. This condition can cause significant pain with even a […]

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Showcase of Gums Upclose For Gum Disease

What Kind of Procedures Does A Periodontist Perform?

Periodontists specialize in diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases. Periodontists are a type of dentist, and periodontal disease is gum disease. They’re trained to help their patients prevent gum diseases through regular cleanings. They receive training to use the latest technology and techniques to prevent and treat gum disease. With cleanings, your dentist can help you […]

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Direct Restorations

Discovering The Benefits Indirect Composite Resin Restorations

When patients consult with dentists about undergoing restorative dentistry, they often refer to them in general terms. However, there is more than one type of dental restoration and more than one class. These dental treatments fall into two categories, direct and indirect. Every type of restoration procedure available at your dental office can be found […]

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Woman Stressed At Social Media

How Smile Dysmorphia and Selfie Culture Creates New Aesthetics Demands

People have been obsessed with their self-image for as long as we’ve existed. Throughout the years, standards regarding our appearances have varied. Since the internet was invented and social media, pressures to look our best have skyrocketed. This fact is made true through interactions on social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. While […]

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Cosmetic Dental Work

Tooth Reshaping And Creating Your Perfect Smile

There has been notable progress made in modern Dentistry over the past decades. Cosmetic dentists are now capable of delivering results that are better than ever before. Whether you’re living with crooked teeth, gum disease, cavities, or discolored teeth, there are treatment options available to improve the appearance of your smile. Dental professionals can create […]

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Oral Cancer

What To Do In The Face of Oral Cancer

 During each visit to your dentist, there are multiple oral health concerns they check up on. Tooth decay and gum disease are the ones with which patients are most familiar. However, oral cancer is another condition that your dentist checks for during each visit. This concern occurs infrequently, but it’s essential to catch it in […]

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White Spot Lesions

Warning Signs of Tooth Decay In Children and Adults

During our childhood, we undergo a significant amount of physical, mental, and emotional development. What happens during this period can have a lasting impact on our overall health throughout our lives. This fact holds for our dental health as well. Our primary teeth are for more than just helping us eat as children. They also […]

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CBCT And Its Impact On Endodontic Care

No matter their specialty, every dentist strives to deliver exceptional patient care. They want to ensure that the results they experience are effective and attractive. They understand how important an individual’s smile is to them and the impact it can have. Delivering the very best care requires using equipment that facilitates effective care. Combining these […]

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Dental Laser

Details on Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry 

The most common reason a patient visits their dentist is for preventative care. This makes them second only to this reason for visiting their dentist is cosmetic care. These past few years have seen an ever-increasing demand for cosmetic dental procedures. Despite this increased interest, these patients still express a modicum of concern. Many believe […]

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Easing Orthodontic Pain

Easing Orthodontic Discomfort Is Easy With These Solutions

Taking that first big step to improving the beauty of your smile can be exciting. It can also be intimidating when you discover that achieving your goal may require orthodontics. While the orthodontic treatment period is generally painless, you can experience discomfort during the first two weeks. It’s really common for this period to pass […]

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Dental Bonding

The Top Aesthetic and Restorative Products Used By Dentists

Your dentist knows that the materials they use are as important to the outcome of your care as their skills are. When performing cosmetic or restorative dental care your dentist is as much artist and craftsperson as they are doctor. The first step to providing effective dental care would be making use of the proper […]

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Moving To Teledentistry From In-Office Care

Dental and medical care has been following the trend of moving to a digital platform whenever possible. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic did a lot to help move this transition forward. Providing telehealth services isn’t a new concept in the healthcare industry. However, the need to slow the spread of the virus helped drive […]

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Impression Mold

How Orthodontics Benefit From Digital Impressions

It’s no secret that undergoing orthodontic treatment, especially with braces, involved some unpleasant first steps. Traditional imaging was often the initial one, with its uncomfortable bite plates putting pressure on your gums. The dental impression was followed, often taken using a tray filled with an unpleasant gel that you had to bite down on. The […]

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Men's Oral Health

Society Has Changed, And Men’s View of Self-Care With It

A winning smile is an essential part of a first impression. Many professional and personal relationships get off on the right foot, thanks to a great smile. Our world is insanely competitive, and trying to find out place in the business market requires you to have every possible edge. This is just one of the […]

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Vitamin D in the sand

The Effects Of Vitamin D On Periodontal Disease

Everyone learns about the importance of calcium and vitamin D to the health of our bones and teeth. As the years have gone by, this importance has been reemphasized as our understanding of Vitamin D. A small amount of vitamin D has been connected to inflammatory disease and low bone density. It has also been […]

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Sad looking man brushing teeth

Understanding the Mental and Oral Health Connection

It’s quickly becoming undeniable that issues of mental health affect every area of our lives. Studies have been continuing to reveal surprising connections to our overall health. Among these connections is an impact on our dental health. Obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and schizophrenia can all impact our oral health. Successfully identifying these concerns […]

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Woman brushing while pregnant

Oral Health Concerns To Watch For During Your Pregnancy

Let our team be the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy! The next nine months are going to be the start of a great adventure. Like any adventure, the road ahead is going to come with its concerns. Thankfully, with a bit of planning and the help of family and medical professionals, everyone will […]

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Bamboo Toothbrush Among Plastic Ones

Protect Your Smile While Choosing Sustainable Dental Care Products

Plastic is among the most prevalent materials used in modern dental hygiene practices and at-home health routines alike. Its ability to be easily sterilized, durability, and resistance to water and microbes combine with its inexpensive production to make it the seemingly perfect material for the job. However, it also takes a significant amount of time […]

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A Cup Of Coffee Surrounded By Beans

How Coffee And Other Foods Can Help Reduce Cavities

Throughout our lives, we’ve been advised to avoid certain high sugar and acid foods in the interest of protecting our teeth from the damaging effects they can have. However, outside of dairy products, we’re often left with limited information about what we can add to our diet to help prevent cavities. When we started researching […]

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Elderly woman brushing her teeth

Alzheimer’s and Oral Health: A Surprising Dental Health Connection

Maintaining our oral health requires commitment and a steady routine, regardless of age. Due to the many health problems facing the elderly, it is increasingly common in those of advancing age. An assortment of health problems can create complications with oral health for reasons including range of motion concerns. Problems with cognitive decline can make […]

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Women pulling back wallpaper to reveal black mold

How Black Mold Can Increase Your Risk Of Cavities

Among the common causes of cavities, poor hygiene, certain medications, and the accumulation of plaque stand out as the most frequently seen. As the most common reason for people to see the dentist, cavities and their causes are generally well understood. Sometimes we’ll see cavities beginning to occur at rates inconsistent with other known factors, […]

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Teeth overrun with periodontal and gum disease

Connection Between Gum Disease and Various Forms Of Cancer

Our bodies are composed of many interconnected and interrelated systems that work together to maintain whole-body health. Every year we discover more ways that caring for every part of our body is the only way to reduce disease risk and extend quality of life. One discovery that has been made recently is that patients who […]

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Woman undergoing dental care

Can Cavities Become A Thing Of The Past?

If there is one thing that patients and dentists agree on whole-heartedly, it’s how much both would like to see cavities become a thing of the past. Currently, the most effective tool against dental decay is a consistent and thorough dental hygiene routine. Even brushing twice each day, flossing, and using mouthwash can’t eliminate the […]

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Dental waste at the beach

Clean Mouth, Dirty Earth: Is Your Toothbrush Sustainable?

There’s a growing concern with protecting our environment and making sustainable choices in every aspect of our lives. Everything from food packaging to clothing choices is being reevaluated in light of the impact they have on our world. One portion of our lives that often gets overlooked is the details of our dental hygiene practices. […]

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What Are Dental X-Rays

When we consider visiting the dentist, the first thing on our minds is the teeth that are easily visible in the mirror. While they are definitely central to the work performed by your dentist, they aren’t the only thing that falls into their purview. Dentists aren’t just tooth specialists; they specialize in the health of […]

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Caring For Your New Dentures

First, we’d like to celebrate your new smile with you! If you’ve been living with missing teeth for a while, having a fresh set of dentures can be an exciting and liberating experience. Properly designed, these prostheses can improve your dietary options, make you feel more confident, and even make it simpler for you to […]

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Tooth Anatomy Diagram

The Anatomy of Your Teeth

When you admire your smile in the mirror, it probably doesn’t occur to you that your teeth are more than just pegs of enamel in your gums. Each of your teeth represents the complex culmination of countless millennia of development. Every tooth has developed to become perfectly suited to its job, and the entire system […]

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Types of Restoration

Congratulations on taking the big step to getting dental restorations! Regardless of what led you to need to get brand new teeth, having a smile you can be proud of is a celebratory event! Now that you’ve gone through with this important decision, you want to take all the necessary steps to make them last […]

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