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How Orthodontics Benefit From Digital Impressions

t’s no secret that undergoing orthodontic treatment, especially with braces, involved some unpleasant first steps. Traditional imaging was often the initial one, with its uncomfortable bite plates putting pressure on your gums. The dental impression was followed, often taken using a tray filled with an unpleasant gel that you had to bite down on. The tray was often no more comfortable than the bite plates mentioned earlier. Some patients even complained of the tray and gel triggering their gag reflex. As time passed, new technologies were invented that made this process easier, cleaner, and more effective. Modern 3D imaging can create a nearly flawless digital impression without all the fuss and muss.

How Orthodontics Benefit From Digital Impressions

Receiving a dental impression is essential to receiving orthodontics and certain forms of dental care. Their purpose is to provide a full 3D view of your oral cavity in a manner traditional x-rays aren’t capable of doing. While goop-based impressions have been the standard for many years, they aren’t without problems. They generally fail to provide a perfect recreation of your teeth, their imprecise method allowing for imperfections. They certainly were sufficient when they were the only option, though they did leave some guesswork involved in the final product.

Modern dental technology takes advantage of newly developed scanners that can provide nearly flawless images of your oral cavity. One tool for this purpose, the intraoral scanner, generates a true-to-life image of your teeth, soft tissues, and oral structures in stunning 3D. CRCT systems can achieve this same goal but return a 3D image of the bone structures within your orofacial region. These images provide an unparalleled and incredibly precise view of your oral cavity and structures when combined. Your dentist can identify oral health issues and plan treatments much more efficiently by using these impressions.

The benefits to using dental imaging software are great in number, including:

  • Superior accuracy to bite-down impressions
  • Visualization of your oral cavity and structures in full 3D
  • Unparalleled precision
  • Permits 3D printing of your oral structures
  • Eliminates foul taste, discomfort, and mess
  • Superior procedure planning potential

These benefits are just some of those available when using digital impressions. You’ll also benefit from their being stored in a digital format. This benefit means you, your dentist, and any specialists can receive copies of the results without the danger of losing the originals. 

Connect With Your Dental Provider To Learn More

An easily viewable and precisely detailed image of your entire orofacial area can greatly enhance the results you receive. The planning process for any procedure is made easier when all aspects of your oral health are easy to view. They’re a great way to begin planning these procedures, whether you’re undergoing dental implant surgery or receiving restorations. They also play an important part in diagnostics, clearly revealing any existing concerns found in your oral cavity that may otherwise go unnoticed. If you want to explore more about dental imaging, contact your dental provider today!

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